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Today's Mount Dora


The Mount Dora Bowling Club is one of the oldest in the United States and an internationally recognized venue. An observer is struck by the diversity of body language and posing by the bowlers. The paintings are in the collection of the Mount Dora Bowling Club where they are on exhibit.

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Art of the Month
November 2017


A South Florida landmark since the early 19th century, the light has been restored several times, once after being burned down by raiding Seminoles, the latest being after Hurricane Andrew in the 1990's. The stair climb to the light room is arduous but affords an unsurpassed view, At the time this painting was done, Stiltsville, a community of houses on stilts in Biscayne Bay, was still extant. Biscayne Bay is now a National park.

Part of the South Florida Series I gallery.

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