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Today's Mount Dora


An example of a typical 19th Century Mount Dora house. It is characterized by the window and door arrangements that capture maximum breezes, the second story "mosquito porch" and the tin roof. Most of these homes have been destroyed by developers. This one has been converted to apartments.

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September 2017


The only thing "busy" about the Port of Mount Dora is the plethora of trees planted such that they obscure the "light house", Mount Dora's official symbol (see, Mount Dora Watercolors for six more views of the light). Low foliage that lets the light stand out would be much more appropriate and pleasing. Nonetheless, no series of Mount Dora paintings would be complete without at least one depiction of the light. The Port has more than ample dockage but no boats to use those facilities.

Part of the Mount Dora Redux gallery.

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